Whistler 2018 In Review

The 2018 year-end statistics continue to show a steady real estate market. All Property-Types have experienced an increase in the median sale price year over year. Looking at the past five years, 2017 saw the highest total sales dollar volume2018 had fewer sales compared to the past 5 years with 2016 being the peak year. Total sales in 2018 were 657 with a total dollar volume of $832 million compared to 2017 with 881 sales and a dollar volume o$1 Billion and 2016 had 1047 sales with a dollar volume of $926 million.

The median sale price for Chalets in 2018 was $2,437,500, an increase of 10% over 2017 and a 95% increase from 5 years ago.  Number of sales dropped from 151 in 2017 to 104 in 2018

Town-homes are still one of the top sellers.  The town-home median sale price increased 30% over the past year from $945,000 to $1,231,500 and the number of sales dropped from 258 to 204. 

Unrestricted-use condos are another top seller with a median sale price increase of 15% over the past year. The number of sales dropped from 199 to 134. Hotel condos (Restricted-Use Phase 2) also saw a median price increase of 16% with a slight dip in sales from 115 to 106.

After a long period of low values and low number of sales, quarter-share ownership values and sales numbers have increased over the past 5 years. Condos in the Legends, Evolution and Horstman House and the townhouses in Montebello have all seen continued interest from buyers.

The supply of vacant land (building lots) has decreased significantly over the past several years. Currently there are a total of 21 listings; 11 listings in Whistler proper and 10 in the Wedgewood subdivision located 14 km north of Whistler in the regional district. 2018 had 12 sales compared to 52 in 2017. Due the small sampling, the median price isn’t indicative of this market segment however land values have increased significantly over the past 5 years as the listing inventory was absorbed.

The majority of our buyers continue to come from Canada, particularly the Vancouver area, Canadian buyers represent 80% of all buyers. This is followed by 10% from the USA and 5% from Hong Kong. Other countries include Australia, Bermuda, Cayman,Islands, China, Germany, Mexico, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, Switzerland, Taiwan and United Arab